Neha Aggarwal

Neha Aggarwal

I was looking for Maths tuition for my 5-year-old son as he faces a lot of difficulty in the subject, Chelsea International provided a convenient service by assigning a professional tutor to my son. As a parent, I was looking for results in my child’s progress each week. Not only did the tutor help my child learn tools to achieve a satisfactory score but also they contributed to the development of my child’s confidence and education for life. I am extremely happy with the results and would highly recommend Chelsea International for their service


Jasmine Jones

PARENT – 11th Grader

I acquired math tutoring services for my 16 year old son. After a few sessions, it is apparent that my son is less stressed and looks forward to his sessions. I have frequent talks to check on his status and frankly I can see that he truly appreciates the independent assistance that he is receiving. In fact, his grades are improving. I am hopeful that he will continue to do well until graduation. Thank you!


Palma DeSanto-Taylor

PARENT – ACT Student

I have had tutor companies in the past for my daughter but really feel this is a 5 star tutoring service. Dr. Michelle is not only brilliant but super understanding of what we needed. In short she was able to diagnose our needs and make a plan to help. She really wants to make a difference in students lives!! Leslie our tutor who worked with our daughter really understood her and knew what they needed to tackle in such a short time he was able to make such a difference. He just added to the excellence of Chelsea’s service. Very grateful and impressed will continue to use and to recommend.