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  2. Learn at your own pace and be encouraged by your Chelsea Tutor
  3. Teaching methods adapted to best suit your specific learning style – guaranteeing maximum learning efficiency and effectiveness
  4. Be tutored around YOUR schedule

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What Real People Say

Testimonials of What People Say About Chelsea International Education

Avery Park

Avery Park

It’s impossible to get a decent paying job without a college degree nowadays but the SATs can be really tough and daunting to get through. I needed help and thankfully, I found Chelsea International Education while searching online. After a painless booking process, I got my personal SAT tutor and she is definitely the best one there is. She not only helped me identify areas that I need to improve on; she worked closely with me so I could actually do better. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten into one of the top colleges in my state. Thank you, Chelsea!

Alaine Monica Samson

Alaine Monica Samson

My son, JM has been having difficulty studying Chemistry. He always failed and cried every night because he doesn’t understand every lesson. I had tried other tutoring services but only Chelsea International Education was able to provide and help my son understand the lesson well. My son was able to pass almost all his examination, his grades are improving and he can already sleep well, all thanks to them. I will definitely recommend Chelsea International Education to my relatives.

Jam Tamayo

Jam Tamayo

Since I decided to be more knowledgeable in writing and would like to pursue technical writing, I was searching for a tutor who has a right mindset in teaching a graduate student like me. I found my wonderful tutor through Chelsea International Education and what can I say? My tutor is wonderfully amazing! Her lessons are never hard to comprehend and she really did helped me boost my confidence in articulating my thoughts through writing! She knows what she’s teaching and assisted me in uncovering the depths of technical writing. I learned that consistency and patience is one of the common traits a Chelsea tutor has. I knew it because I was having a hard time comprehending my lessons during my first day but she made me understand lessons and never gave up on me! I was on the verge of quitting but Chelsea International has made another success story through mine! Thanks and continue to help students like us!

Janis Beck

Janis Beck

My son has battled through learning disabilities with hard work and dedication overcoming them by becoming a straight A and B student all through elementary. We were worried about his transition into Middle school and began to noticed he was having trouble in his language arts class. We started the harrowing tutor search when a loyal friend told me about Chelsea. We did not need to look any further. By looks we were impressed, and Chelsea did not disappoint our academic expectations they exceeded them. They worked in an approach that my son understood. Soon having to write an essay was not a nightmare for him anymore. He grasps it now. The time we took to get our son that little extra help now will help him throughout his lifetime.

Zion Torres

Zion Torres

My tutor was kind and considerate, he really took his time to make sure I understood the algebra concepts. If it wasn’t for him I would have not done so well in my exams.

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